Launch Program

The Launch Program is designed to help entrepreneurs in Medellin launch global products from day one. From prototyping to incorporating in the U.S. and fundraising, all in eight weeks, free of charge. This is part of the Digital Entrepreneurship Center, a partnership between Ruta-N Medellin and Socialatom Ventures.


Weekly Workshops and Office Hours
Access to the Socialatom Mentorship Network
Free Admission to Socialatom Group and partner events

Free co-working for two in Medellin for six months
U.S. Legal & Incorporation Assistance


Week 1: Team

Attributes of a co-founder
Identifying the top candidates from your life
Recruiting & Stock Compensation

Week 2: Problem

Identifying problems from your own experience
Refining the problem to its core (e.g., ‘the five whys’)
Determining the angle of attack using technology

Week 3: Product

Attributes of a Minimum Viable Product
Tools available and how to select among them
Principles of User Experience (UX)

Week 4: Launch

Prioritizing of things to be validated
Constructing the most effective & low-cost hypothesis
Experiment design & defining success / validation

Week 5: Iteration

Analyzing feedback and experiment results
Making product iterations
Designing the next experiment

Week 6: Growth

Principles of PR
Online marketing & SEO
Viral product strategies (e.g., referral programs)

Week 7: Capital

Legal Incorporation
Assistance with Funds and Accelerator Applications
Round Structure

Week 8:Negotiation

Overview of key contractual clauses
Review of examples real term sheets
Negotiating term sheets – simulation


This program is available free of charge, no fees, no equity required. The only requirement is that you do not miss any workshop, and that you can set at least two hours a week to participate in the workshops and office hours.

What will help your chances of getting in (not a requirement) is if you or your co-founder can write software.